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Hervey Bay City Musicians Inc.

Hervey Bay City Musicians are a community of like-minded people interested in the development of ensemble musical groups in the Fraser Coast Region. The City Musicians have been rehearsing in Hervey Bay City for over 30 years and continue to develop young musical talent for the benefit of the entire community.

In 1991, fourteen people met and decided to form the Hervey Bay City Band (as it was then known). Within 4 years, playing membership had grown to 130 and the Brass Band was no more. The associated groups now included a full Concert Orchestra, a Concert Band, Stage Band, Jazz Band, String Orchestra and a Junior Band. At that time, the Junior Band was 60 strong and had a long waiting list of aspiring young musicians.

In response to this meteoric growth, the group became an incorporated association and the name was changed to the Hervey Bay City Musicians, Inc. to reflect the much wider musical range this community group now covered.

28 years on, and our group is still flourishing and groups are rehearsing every week in our band hall on the corner of Bideford and Colyton Streets, Torquay. The current ensembles include the String Ensemble, the Rock Ensemble, and the Acoustic Folk.

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